Work Wear

Hard-working folks need work clothing, footwear and accessories that are made to provide a high level of comfort and built to last.

Whether you’re a construction worker, mechanic, welder, carpenter, ranch hand, commercial fisherman or other working professional,

you need apparel that fits well, provides solid protection and won’t fall apart after a few weeks on the job. From rugged Walls and

Carhartt jackets to steel-toed work boots from Carolina Shoe and Wolverine, there are many excellent options to choose from these days.


Workwear Features

  • Heavy Duty Zippers can withstand much greater force than standard zippers.


  • Rivets and Bar Tacks are features that add extra strength to reinforce seams on work clothing. Rivets are familiar to most people, since they often appear on blue jeans at the top ends of the front pockets. Bar tacks are made from a series of stitches that usually contrast the main fabric.


  • Water Repellency and Waterproofing are sometimes offered in workwear and work boots. DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment is a nice feature that helps shed moderate rain and snow. Waterproof breathable items typically have a Gore-Tex® or similar membrane insert.


  • Triple Stitching is just what it sounds like: There are three rows of stitches along each major seam, which makes the seam significantly stronger. Plus, if one row blows out, you’ve still got two to spare.


  • Heat and Flame Resistance is a feature built into some newer workwear products. Using heat-resistant and flame-resistant fabrics can help prevent possible burns from hot surfaces, fire, sparks, welders, etc.


  • Tough, weather-resistant fabrics


  • Rugged, durable construction


  • Adjustable cuffs or ribbed cuffs for a secure fit